Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Sunshine Jump! (Or At Least Something Different)

I thought I would write tonight. In a selfish way, it's a way for me to get past some things that have bothered me over the last several months. But in a non-selfish way, I can express my life.  Which is what a blog is supposed to do, right? :D

A month into my new/old job - where I am now is becoming a larger contrast to my position and role before.  It's like night and day.  There was a great deal of attrition during the time I left.  So the team I am working with now has some experience, but for the first time in my career as a Closer, I feel like I have some sway, aka something to offer. 

I've always been reserved, but coming back has been an environment where I can help newcomers get more familiar and comfortable with a new position.  It's brought me out of my cave, so to speak. I'm having to show people things I once learned and even earlier, had to just run with to survive in the job. 

What it has created is a stronger environment.  I'm usually the chill guy that just rolls with the nosebleed seats and handles whatever comes along my way. 

But that doesn't cut it anymore.  I work with people who are, in many ways, overwhelmed with a new job function. Everyone on my team is trying to overcome it, and trying to get past the confusing mess that comes with mortgage closing. 

There's an enormous talent in this group - and it's up to me as the veteran to help as much as possible, in order to bring all the good individual talents into the group itself.  But, I'm still trying to remember all the ins and outs of what we're supposed to do to make sure everything is perfect.

I've had a few chances to share some productive and helpful ideas with the new team.  Others have too.  But it takes time for a great team to nail everything down.  In that sense, I'm with the new people.  But in another way, there are questions everyone has, that I can solve individually, and form a way to get past them with the team.

On a completely different note, I got March 4th off.  Mac Sabbath is coming to Trees in Dallas on March 3rd, and I plan on going to that show!  If you haven't heard of them, they're a McDonald's themed Black Sabbath tribute band. Don't wanna miss that.

I'm also trying to quit smoking.  I had five cigarettes today. But also a patch and Reese's flavored vape stuff.  I've got to quit smoking.  I have music stuff to do, and the vocals have to be as wild and woolly as the lyrics.  Goals.

I also have to lay off on the beer.  I mean, I love beer, and I make beer.  But it makes me bloaty. I'm trying to turn that into an artistic/part time thing.  At some point, I've got to work out, at least a little bit, to stay healthy. And maybe even make some new songs sometime soon.

And those new songs, well... that's another collection of musings to be passed along.  You gotta wait on those goodies.

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