Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Just Going To Start Writing And See What Happens

Every once in a while, I like to freewrite.  The mood gripped me earlier tonight, and now I'm just getting around to it. Do you ever feel like you've got to pee, but when you try to go, nothing happens? That was me an hour ago, creatively.  But now I'm loosened up enough to just let it flow.

I just get the itch to write sometimes. It's my way of expressing the various things that bounce around in my mind.  I'm not so hot at hanging out with a group of people at happy hour, or getting into conversations with large groups.  I'm more comfortable listening around people. Folks I know, yeah, but large groups, ehh.  I like a nice one-on-one conversation. But writing, it's totally personal. It's unbridled expression, the type that isn't absorbed nor flows in casual conversation.

Just typing this stream-of-consciousness stuff is both relaxing and mentally engaging.  It's almost therapeutic.  After thinking about what to write, I came up with some stuff.  Writing is a reminder that life isn't cookie-cutter routine, no matter if it seems like it.  Especially right after work, the one time of the day, where a majority of it is complete, and for the most part has been almost fully defined by routine.

This is true, especially on a Tuesday.

So about two weeks ago, my keys disappeared.  You know how you lose your keys, and go on a frantic hunt for them for like 45 minutes, and then they show up?  We did that shit for six days.  And they're still missing.  Jamie's second set of car keys is gone, as well as my first set. Jamie had to get a locksmith out so we would both be able to drive once Spring Break was over.  It was completely nuts.

Insurance covered it, so that's good.

I've been really busy at work for the last 6 or 7 weeks, helping out through a large transition.  That's partially why I haven't been keeping up on the blog.  But, I'm not complaining.  Overtime is quite nice, after coming out of last year's unemployed period.  It's going pretty well there.  I'm lucky to have a good job and work with cool people.

I don't know if I mentioned this before, but I am now an ordained minister of the Universal Life Church.  I signed up because I have been invited to officiate my best friend's wedding next month.   At first I thought ordination was a requirement to officiate.  In Texas, anyone can perform the ceremony.  But I'm still glad I signed up, it's very cool.  It's going to be a really big event, and I am super happy for this couple.  It's gonna be a wonderful day!

I went over there last Saturday to visit and kind of work on ideas for the wedding. Before that, Jamie, me, and the girls went to Sherman to check out the mall there. The mall had pretty much nothing going on.  It was about 2/3 abandoned, and looked and smelled like 1981.  But it was fun when we found an open store.  When we left, we went to Hastings.  Because, you know, if you have a Hastings nearby, they got all the good stuff.

We also got hungry and went to a place called La Mesa.  It was kind of sprinkly outside and rain was coming, so we chose La Mesa to eat.


I am serious, we all ate ravenously and I experienced the best fajitas of my life that day.  Five tortillas.  I used all of them.  It was fantastic. No meat or veggies were left on that frying pan.  So if you're ever going north on 75 out of the Dallas area...


In other news, I'm trying to get a little healthier these days.  Slight changes in diet, habits, exercise right now.  There is a group up at work that works out in the fitness center right behind our work area. They go every single day.  I'm giving it a whirl tomorrow, but it'll be a little time to get worked up to the daily thing.

Well, that's all for today... I've got a cool idea for a meme.


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