Sunday, August 31, 2014

Challenges Pt. 2

Hi everyone.  Sorry I've been so scarce over the summer months, but I've had a lot of living to do.  Since the last post, I've realized just how many challenges I do have to live with and tackle each and every day.  It came to a head last night when Jamie pointed out that I've been "ill" lately and that I used to be a very laid back and easygoing type of person. 

She's right, I was an easygoing fella, and I still have that personality sometimes.  But because of the challenges in life, it's hard to rest, or let things go and just take it easy.  The time she was referring to is when we first got together and got married and stepped out into this mean old world.  We had just enough to get by, and we really accomplished something by flying out of the nest we'd been raised in.  When one first moves out, especially with someone who ya love, it's going to be tough but much more importantly, it's going to be awesome.

Fast forward say 15 years, and that newness wears off.  We've had some victories since then, we bought our own place.  But the daily life and grind is harder than it was when we first got out of the hood, so to speak. 

Looking back, I can remember living in a nice, tiny apartment, and every couple weeks we could go out and spend money and it didn't hurt us.  Now, that's harder to do.  We're under more pressure and not getting paid better.  It's kind of a drag, because any other job out there is paying peanuts for nose-to-the-grindstone work and treating talented work as entry level cheap labor.

Opportunity has really dried up.  I don't blame anyone for that, that's just the economy.  It's not a good economy, because there are so many people trying to just get anything... if it was a recovering and vibrant economy, there wouldn't be such desperation, and people wouldn't have to go to extremes to just survive.

That said, Jamie and I have jobs where we can get by and do ok.  We're not blowin' rooftops, but we are getting by.  The thing is, we've been in the exact same spot for three years now and haven't gotten that big break, that next thing.  Perhaps it's coming.  I dunno. 

I think maybe the reason I'm not an easygoing guy like I should be, is that I'm looking at stagnation.  Not just financially, but with everyone around me.  No one is getting anywhere but older.  No one I know has made a big stride in life.  Everyone is stuck.  There isn't a lot of inspiration right now, and if you know me, I'm all about inspiration. 

It's a very dry time in my life.  And a lot of my loved one's lives too.  All we can do now is enjoy each other's company and help each other to make life better in any way possible.

So, before I finish up, if you know anyone who needs a boost, or if you need a boost, talk to anyone you know and see what can happen.  We're here to help each other.

I know this is a serious post, so my next one will be goofy and about music. :)


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