Friday, January 22, 2016

Didn't Make It To Star Wars Tonight, So I'm Writing And Listening To Megadeth's New Album

And shit, it's badass. Great album called Dystopia.  I'm jammin' and writing.  I've always been a big fan of mixing music and writing.  Or music and college homework.  Or music and work. Or music and driving.

OK. Music and anything.  Well, almost anything.  I couldn't imagining blasting some Ludacris while doing my taxes.  Luda's there for me when I'm working and getting into confident mode, though. :)

Music is a great escape, when you have time to really listen deeply to it.  Or, when you are trying to make it.  To me, music can also be a great way to pass the time.  It's great while doing things around the house, to take away from the mundane things that need to be done.  Music has helped me through so many different areas in my life.

My entire family history has been peppered with creative folks, and people interested in music in one way or another, for different reasons.  It's in my DNA.  I'm pretty lucky in that way, actually.  My dad is the #1 influence on me musically.  When he isn't working, he enjoys listening to and performing bluegrass music with some incredibly talented people.  He's the bassist in two different bands.  He's got more bluegrass on his computer and other hard drives than any iPhone or iPad can contain. 

My mom has a piano that she's had since probably before I was born, and that I used to tinker around on when I was a kid. And now, she lets Grace play it, and she just learned Hot Cross Buns on that exact same piano. 

I look at old family photos of my ancestors, and there's a musical instrument in the family photo. 

So, all these generations before me, the love of music has been passed down.

Music is definitely a great escape for me, but it's also a great motivator.  Around Y2K, I really started to appreciate electronic music.  I looked up on the computer music to work to, and overwhelmingly electronic music was praised as the way to go.  At the time, obviously, techno was in its pop prime. I was already a huge fan of Fatboy Slim, and all the Big Beat stuff going on at the time.  And it really did help me focus on work.  Any kind of work. Later on in my college classes, I'd listen to electronic music while doing homework, or at work, when I was busy. And I still do.  Fast tempos and technical sounds are absolutely great for focus, concentration, and goal-setting.

Heavy metal's pretty good at that, too.

I like my music fast and heavy, which is great when it comes to accomplishing things.  But when it comes to relaxing, I'm not sure what type of music works for that.  I'm not a laid back, mellow guy, though I do like to come across that way in case things get stressful and I need to lead.

But anyway...

I'll tell you more about things here pretty soon, on the next entry. 

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