Saturday, January 16, 2016

Steppin' In The Pool ('Bout Time)

I'm beginning to get the creative itch back again, finally.  The last album I released was a compilation of older, high sound quality stuff I never really compiled, and that was on 4/30/14.  It's part of a new music project I call Yo Mama Dental Floss System.  The album released that day was called "Surround Sound," based on this picture:

Listen to it here, as if I haven't posted it and you've never heard it before: Yo Mama Dental Floss System - Surround Sound

On that note - I've added the lyrics of all 58 released 10,000 Lakes songs to If you know 10,000 Lakes, it's mostly nonsense, so it's an exercise in smartassery.  But if you'd like to "interpret" any of the songs, you can, here.

 Anyway, it's coming back.  I've been doing goofy memes for a while, but the musical and lyrical side... they're starting to come back.  Grace is into making songs, or at least song ideas.  Just like I did way back when.  After going back to my old/new job, I can actually listen to whatever music I want again.  So many months of brainless pop and old country was just not working out.

So it's time to get the feet wet and step in the music pool once again.  I need to spend some time with the guitar, the keyboards, and whatever else I can make noise with.  And Grace wants to sing along on a few things.  I think that would be pretty cool.

So, I'm announcing that recording will soon begin on the new Dr. Tissue album, "The Bionic Reindeer."  All I'm letting out for now is this:  a very well-known hair product company has given me permission to use their shampoo and conditioner descriptions and ingredients as song lyrics, and I'm going to be recording my dishwasher as background sound for one of the songs.

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