Sunday, June 1, 2014

Shortline Sunday! Volume 4

After a long weekend of automotive work, I thought I'd get on here and share a bit of music from my wild and wooly teenage years, aka 1995.

Today's entry is from 10,000 Lakes.  The first 10,000 Lakes album to be precise, and it's called Minnesota Hat 1982.  Of course there's nothing to do with 1982 in it, that's just the title.  But that's only the beginning of the randomness.  The link follows, as well as a song by song piece of writing.  Hope you enjoy it. 

1. 50 Dogs.  This song was one of my first ventures into multitracking.  I had the drum/keyboard part of it already recorded, and then did the guitar and vocal part on top.  It's a song about when I visited someone and when we drove up there were like 50 dogs in the driveway.  It was out in the country and stuff, but it was totally worth a song.

2. Flyswatter.  Basically, this song was me trying to freak out my little brother on tape, but it was a song.  You know what I'm talking about.

3. Blue.  It was my ultimate power ballad.  Part of it got recorded over and I had to work that part out.

4. Be Triangular.  The last math class I had in high school was trigonometry and I had a hard time figuring it out.  So I thought I would make a really abstract song about being triangular, whatever that means.  It was of course, totally random and goofy, so .. basically I'm using the trigonometry thing as an excuse to be weird.  You know what's up.

5. Rough Noisy Bowl '82.  Another experiment in analog multitracking.  I basically took a tiny Casio and recorded a drum and bass song, and put it on a huge stereo and put words to it. 19 years later you can still rock your ass off to it.

6. Hat Rack.  This is one of those foot tapping guitar songs that flows really well with a stream of consciousness kind of feeling.  Anyway, where are you getting all of these ideas for Nintendo games?

7. Bacon.  I recorded this in the back of my dad's truck, (trying to freak out my other little brother at the time,) and it turned out to be an ok recording.  This was the first 10,000 Lakes recording.  It's fun to eat chips while recording a song.

8. Dr. Pepr.  This song was pretty much about the poor kid who couldn't live without Corn Pops.  If you remember the 90's you know what I'm talking about,

9. Window.  This is a very acoustic guitar centric album, and this was one that was mainly about the keyboards.  And the abstract.  Vacuuming ... a turtle ... in ... the middle of dinner!

10. Minnesota Hat 1982. The title track, and an instrumental version of Rough Noisy Bowl '82, with a little guitar action involved.

11. Bonus Track.  This was done in the cassette days.  So if you let your tape play on side 2 you'd get a bonus.  It's a nice, relaxed, end of album bit.  10,000 Lakes has always been about the music and this song is like you get to sit in the same room and enjoy the goofiness in person.


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