Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Making Things

2015 has turned out fairly well so far I think. I've always spent a lot of time analyzing years of my life. It's always begun with how New Year's and how it turned out.  It seems like for the longest time, New Year's Eve and how the new year was rung in defined the rest of the year.

I know that's silly of course, at this point, it's usually an early night and making it to at least 11 pm with the local stuff on TV, and if I'm lucky to make it to midnight, an open door to put my ear out to find out if anyone decided to pop fireworks.  Hardly a harbinger of what's to come.

At my age, and experiencing enough year changes, it doesn't matter quite so much.  So I judge a new year on other criteria, such as where I slid in from the last year and where I plan to go.  I've got a few goals.  This year I'll be doing some homebrewing.  I have a lager recipe ready to go, but not quite all the equipment to get it just right.  So I think I'll start with an ale and take it from there.  A new project means I've got to get a foot in the door and test it out.

Jamie has successfully made two batches of laundry detergent from a recipe.  Both times she's nailed it.  She's also made candles before, and has all the supplies to make another batch of really great candles.

Grace has a knack for art.  Drawing, chalk, painting, you name it, every once in a while she comes up with something really great that people really like.

I've done a thing or two on the grill, but I want to do more.  Maybe smoke a brisket, or nail down the perfect ribeye.

It's a fairly new year, and all of us here have a specific skill or goal and that's what we're keeping focused on this year.  Jamie and I have always been interested in making things from scratch.  It's our version of the whole survivalist thing, but really, we're just being creative and wanting to make something to share.  A couple years ago, she made some candles, and I made some "liquid apple pie."  Grace drew some interesting pictures.

So here we are now.  We're a little more ambitious with our ideas and want to make a journey of it. I hope we each make strides with making something.  One day we may team up and make something no one's thought of yet.  Who knows?  We'll see. No one thinks of the best ideas while waiting for midnight, they always show up when we don't have a pen.  I'll keep a spare pen around with me if you will.  Only way we're gonna change the world.


  1. Im happy theres 2! About me-grace :-)

  2. Great outlook. I have nailed a few briskets in my time. The best thing about that is you enjoy smoking them and eating them too! The brewing sounds fun. Save me some!



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