Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Even Relaxing is a WIP

No, not a whip.  It's that.  But it's a Work In Progress.  Got the sound stuff nailed down, and got a track down, so I continued to the next song.  So I thought I had a formula or a way to get the bones down so I could do the details after.  But then the mixer started acting up and every recording I did after that had audio issues.

Recording stuff to a tape recorder was so much easier.  Get the room situated, do a couple sound checks, then BOOM you're off to make an album.  Not anymore.  This mixer I have is good, but the software is confusing, and there is something wrong somewhere between the mic and the recording.  When it's being recorded it sounds good, but then there are a lot of illogical issues. 

So, I've gotten the techie part down for the most part, but until this troubleshooting gets done, that's it for the songs.  And at 4 in the afternoon, I'm not going to go down that rabbit hole.  I have something to cook and a movie to watch with the gals.  Tomorrow morning it'll be time to tackle this beast again.

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