Monday, April 7, 2014

Hearing and Speaking, Listening and Singing, Learning and Raising

As a musical artist who has been scarce on the recording scene for some time (not like I'm famous or anything, I just haven't done a heck of a lot of writing over the last few years,) I've recently rediscovered some older music that I've had in the back of my mind.  At some point in life bands go on hiatus, or individual singers take a break. 

If not to raise a family, the obvious other reason is to settle down or take care of oneself.  We all grow up and have other priorities.  It doesn't matter who you are, if you have to travel for work at some point you're going to settle down.  Hell, even if you don't travel for work, at some point the priorities change.  Especially if you're in a band.  I was in a podcast once, the two stars of the show lived fifty miles apart, and even a biweekly show was hard to do. 

There was, of course, no money in it; it was strictly a labor of love, and as producer I was surprised we held it together for almost two years - the show went on after us for almost another year - but it was an amazing thing.  We would take turns buying beer and goodies for each new show.  We organized so much behind the scenes. We got good at it.  The two stars were different, but one was the head, one was the heart.  I took the part of the ears.

Sometimes I look back and think about how it didn't take off like a rocket.  It easily could've.  We all really grew from it and did our thing over time.  Personally though, I look back, and I'm thankful to have met so many cool people, and at the same time have my ears put to work, and learn how to get comfortable with a microphone. 

Such is life.  There are so many days that are just repetitions, a routine we're all tied to that we have to do, even though the big clock is ticking.  But life has more.  It's difficult, after getting used to life, to realize how gradually the routine changes.

The real challenge is seeing the little things for what they are: the big things in disguise, playing checkers with us, but on a chess board.

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